〇 〓 Healthier Concept of Supermarkets

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MA Project - The value of food


How can I rethink
the concept of Danish supermarkets
to communicate healthier aspects?

I know people are in lack of time when doing their groceries – and take most of their decisions when watching the pricesign.

1. Therefore I have implemented information about nutritional content in that very touchpoint. Now the customer can know the price of other aspects than totale price based on quantity.

Because what do I pay
for vitamines or the content of water?
It is all about the interpretation of price.

2. Colorfood
Fruit & vegetables can be divided in 5 color groups. If we eat from all 5 color groups we cover our daily need of vitamines and minerals. Therefor a communication aspect is to divide the section of fruit & vegetables in colors for a visual and easy approach
towards food.